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The golden time of the hair and nail industry is over! It’s now the era of eye lash extension and microblading! Why some students who took eye lash extension class or microblading classes aren’t making this income? Because they don’t have a mentor and continuing support. 95 Lash Academy fix those problems! We offer mentorship, apprenticeship, long-distance face-time support and before-after pictures support. The best lash extension class and microblading courses in LA.

lash extension class teacher Tram Vu

95 Lash Academy offers high quality Eye lash extension class and Microblading courses in various locations in California. Our programs comes with the some of the best benefits in the industry and our instructor has a long and varied expertise and background in the beauty and salon business.

Instructor: Quynh-Tram Vu

  • 16 years as cosmetologist
  •  8 years as lash extension stylist
  • 7 years as permanent makeup artist

Our courses and lash extension class comes with benefits such as:

  • Receive quality training in 6 months
  • Paid apprenticeship opportunity
  • Hired after graduation opportunity
  • Payment plans available (Please contact us)
  • Earn your investment back in few months
  • Free listing with 95 Lash
  • Artist Locator Service
  • Certified and licensed to use 95 Lash Artist logo

See all our upcoming courses here: https://95lash.com/events

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